One of the most multidisciplinary digital teams in our industry.

Our process
How we work
At Adding, our dynamic creative process begins with a dedicated phase of discovery and meticulous planning, where ideas are carefully nurtured and refined.

Moving forward, the conceptualization and strategic phase bring these ideas to life, weaving a narrative that aligns with client objectives and audience expectations.

Our design and prototyping stage injects life into these concepts, shaping them into tangible, visually captivating forms.

Finally, our implementation stage is where the magic happens—we transform these carefully curated visions into reality, leveraging the latest technology and creative expertise to deliver solutions that truly resonate.
Our process
Discover & Plan1/4
At Adding, our process commences with a thorough phase of discovery and precise planning. We meticulously cultivate ideas, ensuring a solid foundation for the creative journey ahead, aligning concepts with our clients' visions and goals.
Concept & Strategy2/4
Moving into the conceptualization phase, we breathe life into these ideas. Strategy becomes the guiding star, crafting narratives that resonate with our clients' objectives and captivate their intended audiences.
Design & Prototype3/4
Here, our ideas take shape, transitioning into vibrant designs and functional prototypes. This phase is where creativity meets practicality, ensuring that our concepts not only look exceptional but also function seamlessly.
Discuss & Implementation4/4
This is where the magic materializes. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and creative expertise, we bring our meticulously crafted visions to life, turning concepts into tangible, real-world solutions that surpass expectations.
Our services
A mindset to create game-changing initiatives
Web design and development
Web Design and Development. 
Adding specializes in crafting intuitive digital experiences. We merge creativity and functionality to sculpt visually striking, user-centric websites and applications.

Our expertise extends to leveraging innovative platforms like Webflow, empowering us to create stunning, responsive designs with streamlined development processes.

This approach ensures not only aesthetically pleasing interfaces but also seamless, engaging interactions, translating innovative concepts into immersive digital realities.
A mindset to create game-changing initiatives
Branding and Communication
Branding & Communication. 
We meticulously delve into the soul of each client, curating narratives that reflect their unique identity.

Our strategic communication approaches ensure these stories resonate with the intended audience, leaving a lasting impression and fostering meaningful connections.

Through visual and narrative elements, we build a brand persona that not only stands out but also resonates authentically with its audience, establishing a firm foundation for lasting relationships.
A mindset to create game-changing initiatives
Digital Campaign Ads
Digital Campaign Ads. 
Adding orchestrates strategic, targeted initiatives. We craft comprehensive campaigns tailored to diverse digital platforms, utilizing data-driven insights to reach specific audiences.

From social media to SEO and beyond, our campaigns deliver compelling, cohesive messages that engage and resonate, driving impactful results.
A mindset to create game-changing initiatives
Political Campains
Political Campains
We specialize in providing comprehensive political communication services tailored to the unique landscape of Swiss politics.

With a deep understanding of the Swiss political terrain, we offer expertise in referendum campaigns, strategic initiatives, and effective mobilization efforts.

Our team of  consultants excels in crafting and executing political communication strategies, ensuring that your message resonates with the diverse Swiss electorate.

Whether you're navigating the intricacies of a referendum or launching a grassroots mobilization campaign, we are here to guide you every step of the way. Our services encompass a range of offerings, including consultancy on organizational strategy, campaign acceleration, and targeted mobilization tactics.

From social media to SEO and beyond, our campaigns deliver compelling, cohesive messages that engage and resonate, driving impactful results. we are committed to elevating your political presence and achieving your communication goals in the dynamic Swiss political environment.