Adding is a swiss creative agency working at the convergence of brand, digital strategy and art direction.

About us
Our vision
Adding is a design studio based in Geneva, that combines data and psychology to create visually appealing and effective designs.

We use data-driven insights to inform the design process, with a deep understanding of consumer behavior, preferences, and decision-making.

Creating designs that are easily recognizable and consistently used, we increase brand recognition and create a sense of familiarity with the target audience.
Our Team
Valon Kurteshi
Political Campaign Strategist & Project Manager
Hana Arapi
Creative Director & Strategist
Nora Bislimi
Art Director & UX/UI Designer
Edvin Zaimi
Webflow Developer
Valon Kurteshi
Managing Director
Meet Valon Kurteshi, the Founder and Managing Director of Adding, a dynamic force in the realm of creative digital solutions.

With a background in law from his bachelor's degree and a master's in Public Relations from the University of Geneva, Valon infuses a unique blend of strategic acumen and creative innovation into the agency's DNA.

His journey through law and PR has equipped him with a distinctive perspective, allowing him to steer Adding toward groundbreaking strategies that seamlessly fuse creativity and business acumen.

Valon's leadership embodies a holistic approach, seamlessly marrying legal insights with the art of communication, resulting in a pioneering agency at the forefront of digital creativity.
Hana Arapi
Creative Director & Strategist
With a rich background, Hana brings to our team her passion for storytelling, change-making and problem-solving.

She is a powerhouse of creativity and strategy, with a distinguished portfolio that speaks volumes.

Having worked in projects for prestigious organizations like The Guardian, FES, NHS, UNDP, UNICEF and more, Hana has not just participated in the conversation; she has directed it.

Her work is not just about creating content; it's about making a difference, sparking conversations, and initiating change.Her vision for creating content that matters, coupled with her strategic prowess, promises to lead us into new, exciting directions.
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Winning partnerships
“Working with ADDING has been absolutely phenomenal! All the pages and features were very well explained and made it very easy to change and adapt it to our needs. Can highly recommend Adding and look forward to continuing our working relationship with them !”
UI/UX Design
Nadim Daher
Founder & Director