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Nea app

Branding, app and web design
Nea app
The brief

Nea app, a platform leveraging #artificial #intelligence, aims to guide and assist entrepreneurs in realizing their #ideas. The process breaks down into four essential stages: "Concept Definition," "Market Research," "Financial and Operational Planning," and "Refinement of your Business Idea." We're proud to have been selected to collaborate on this ambitious #project.

The Solution

For this undertaking, we had the privilege of working on the #visual #identity of Nea app, reflecting its modernity, strength, and dedication to entrepreneurship. The calming blues and cyan symbolize trust, #innovation, and #progress. The cool tones align with the brand's forward-thinking approach and the seamless integration of #technology to foster growth and success. The #logo, with its interconnected circles forming the "addition" sign, represents assistance, support, and Nea's commitment.

In crafting the #brand, we opted for an elegant and modern typeface evoking strength and stability, mirroring Nea's commitment to empowering #businesses.

Our communication agency, Adding Sàrl, put all its expertise into the #design of the website for this innovative project.

Nea's website was crafted with a clear vision: to provide a seamless, transformative experience for entrepreneurial minds. We worked on an intuitive #interface that leads users through the four crucial stages of their entrepreneurial journey: "Concept Definition," "Market Research," "Finance & Ops Planning," and "Refine Your Business Idea."

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Project Management: Nadim Daher


Project Management: Valon Kurteshi
Art direction:
Nora Bislimi

Nadim Daher
Managing Director
Branding, UI/UX Design
“Working with ADDING has been absolutely phenomenal! All the pages and features were very well explained and made it very easy to change and adapt it to our needs. Can highly recommend Adding and look forward to continuing our working relationship with them!”
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