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The brief

Exciting News from Adding: Introducing Our Comprehensive Rebranding Project!

We're thrilled to unveil our latest project – a complete rebranding initiative for a dynamic company specializing in smartphone and electronic device repair services, sales of refurbished phones, phone buyback programs, and accessory sales.

🔄 Our Goal Behind This Transformation? Embrace a more sustainable and responsible use of our everyday communication tools – our ever-present smartphones! 📱

Whether it's breathing new life into damaged phones, replacing smartphones that no longer serve well, or recycling your old devices, we want to remind you that while our visual identity has changed, our mission remains steadfast. 🏴‍☠️

This new identity mirrors our evolving personality and is the logical outcome of our expanded services, strengthened team, developed partnerships, and unwavering support for our loyal customers who have been with us since 2018. 🤝

Stay tuned as we reveal our fresh logo, color palette, typography, slogans, and website, all reflecting our commitment to a sustainable future!

The Solution

We are excited to announce Adding's latest achievement – a revolution in our brand identity. This comprehensive rebranding goes beyond updating our logo, color scheme, typography, slogans, and website. It's a recommitment to sustainability and responsible use of the communication tools that are central to our lives – our indispensable smartphones.

This new visual identity mirrors their mission: to breathe new life into damaged smartphones, provide reliable options with refurbished phones, and promote the recycling of outdated devices. Despite this visual transformation, their core mission remains unchanged.

This rebranding represents a natural evolution, highlighted by the expansion of their services, the strengthening of their team, the development of strategic partnerships, and, most importantly, the unwavering loyalty of their customers since 2018. They are ready to sail into the future, guided by our values of sustainability and innovation.

Join us on this exciting journey, where every choice is a step towards a more responsible future.

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